Herz Biomass Heating Systems

"Comfortable and convenient heating"

- Log Gasification Boilers
- Wood Chip Boilers
- Wood Pellet boilers
- Heat-pump solutions
- Under Floor heating
- Domestic Hot water

Heatwise is the New Zealand and Australian Agent For HERZ Bpoiler systems. We can supply any HERZ product that you reqiuire. Herz can supply a wide range of boilers from 7kw – 1500kw.

For all Heatwise boilers sold we can offer New Zealands premiere fuel supplyer for both wood chips and wood pellets.

As well as highly efficient Renewable energy boilers we also can supply Industrial sized particulate filters as standard from Europe to make the most efficient boiler system on the market currently.

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Managing Director
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- Caitlin Wiseman -
Project Engineer
Phone: +64 021 025 04458

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